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Amistad (Private) Limited is a start-up company founded with the purpose of creating new opportunities in an evolving corporate environment. With this philosophy, Amistad has ventured its operations into diverse sectors, hoping to influence advancement and growth beyond the status quo. Seeking to emerge as a potential player in a progressive market, Amistad has been instrumental in introducing the ‘trickle effect’ to Sri Lanka. trickle was initiated with an ethos of connecting communities through mutually beneficial partnerships between vendors, customers and delivery partners in our ever-expanding ecosystem. ...

trickle aspires to make a difference by introducing a dynamic and renewed outlook to a broader segment of industries spanning fashion, food and mart; along with a new competitive mode of delivery for fashion retail. With end-to-end delivery times ranging from same day drop offs to target-date deliveries, and coverage from the Colombo city limits to an extended reach covering the suburbs, no one will feel left behind. Enjoy our unique features, such as trickle PRIME, which is exclusive to the food sector. Let’s immerse ourselves in the trickle effect and embark on a new trend together!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Queries

How do I add or remove items from my cart?

To add item(s):

  • Search for your preferred vendor or product in any sector (Food, Fashion or Mart).
  • Select the item(s) and specify any additional requirements in order preparation, if required.
  • Add each item to the cart and choose quantity accordingly.
  • You can proceed to the payment gateway or add more items from the same vendor.

Note: You cannot add items from different vendors into the same cart. Each cart should contain items from a unique vendor and this applies to each sector. For example, you can place an order from one store in the Fashion sector, complete the payment, and then move on to another store in the same sector or a different store in the Food or Mart sector.

To remove item(s):

  • All items from the cart can be removed by choosing the “clear” button located at the top right corner.
  • Individual items can be removed using the “-” button located next to each single item.

What are the COVID-19 precautionary measures adopted by trickle to facilitate health and safety verified deliveries?

As an essential service provider, trickle’s main priority is safety in the community, and this extends to customers, vendors and delivery partners alike. Therefore, trickle has ensured that vendors, delivery partners and our team follows every possible safety measure recommended by the government and the health authorities in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, we have provided clearly defined guidelines and training to both vendors and delivery partners so as to prevent the contraction/transmission of COVID-19 while providing a service to you, the customer.

How do I add/change my delivery address?

You can choose your current location by turning on the location feature available under the general settings menu on your phone. Furthermore, you can register any other permanent addresses including Home, Work and other relevant/ frequent locations on the app.

You also have the freedom to choose the desired location while placing the order. This can be done through the location pop up present at the top of the app interface. If you add items to the cart and choose to change your location at this point, the cart would automatically clear. So you would have to add the same items back to the cart (if the store is within the radius) in order to proceed with the order.

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